5 Best Unisex Perfumes To Try If Your Bored of Your Scent

Nasib Shah

Posted on January 16 2021

5 Best Unisex Perfumes To Try If Your Bored of Your Scent


Finding your signature scent isn’t easy. This is why most women don’t dare go on looking for a new perfume to try when they do. Wearing the same perfume every day for an extended period of time might lead to you being bored of the scent, though, and when that happens it’s good to have a back up.

Whether you’re a guy who’s sick of the overbearing manly scents out there or you’re a woman looking to escape the confines of the usual sweet and fruity-floral perfumes, these 10 unisex perfumes are sure to give you that much needed escape. Check them out below! 

5 Unisex Perfumes You’re Sure to Love


Let’s start off with a classic -- a scent that you can never go wrong with. For many, CK One was the scent that started their love for perfume and their journey for their signature scent. It’s a typical clean and fresh type of scent that works great as perfume for women and men who want some sort of “palette cleanser.” 

Banana Republic Classic

This one’s another oldie but a goodie and it’s a scent that’s sure to bring back memories for many of you out there who just want a break from your usual scents. Banana Republic Classic is a light and refreshing scent that opens up with summer-y citrus notes and dries down to a sharp, clean crisp. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Some people argue that Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is too strong to be a unisex scent and that it’s better suited for men but, if you’re a woman who doesn’t mind bold scents, this could definitely be a keeper for you. Indeed, this perfume opens strong but it dries down beautifully into a woodsy vanilla scent that’s very sultry and mysterious making it a great date night perfume. 

Gucci Memoire D’Une Odeur

This Gucci fragrance is magical, soft, and romantic. It has the kind of herbal aroma that transports you to the greenest garden you can imagine. It has hints of woody and floral notes that balance the scent out, making it light, soft, subtle, and oh-so-innocent. It’s one of the top fragrances for women who want to veer away from heavy florals for a while and it’s also fantastic for men who just want something light. 

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Fun, fresh, and fruity -- this citrus scent is a classic that never disappoints. If you’re looking for a unisex summer scent that works great with most people’s body chemistry, give this one a shot. 

There are tons of benefits to using unisex perfumes. Girls will always look for the best perfume for women and guys the best perfumes for men so the chances of you wearing the same unisex perfume as someone you know is pretty slim. And, when looking for one to buy on a budget, don’t just limit yourself to a women’s perfume sale aisle, Sometimes, unisex perfumes as mixed with men’s scents so be sure to check out the men’s fragrance aisle, too. 

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5 Best Unisex Perfumes To Try If Your Bored of Your Scent