5 Celebrity Scents That Are Actually Worth The Splurg

Nasib Shah

Posted on August 23 2020

5 Celebrity Scents That Are Actually Worth The Splurg


Celebrity fragrances often get a bad rap for being cheap, generic, and overpriced. While it’s true that a lot of these perfumes smell cloyingly sweet and that they often come with a hefty price tag just because a celebrity’s name is slapped on the bottle, there are a few exceptions that are actually worth the splurge.

  1. Glow by JLo - known for its soft, clean, and subtly sexy scent, this perfume by Jennifer Lopez which was originally released in 2002 and continues to be a crowd favorite today. The famed singer-actress has since released a number of other scents in her Glow perfume line but the first and original is undoubtedly the brand’s best-seller with Jennifer Lopez using it on a regular basis herself. 
  2. Fantasy by Britney Spears - say what you will about her, but there’s no denying that Britney Spears knows her way around perfumes. The singer is one of the OG celebrities to release their own fragrance lines and she’s one of the few that have been able to pull off gourmand scents as proven by Fantasy, a sweet and playful scent that’s been praised and loved by women of all ages. 
  3. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those celebrity scents that you just can’t stop sniffing. True to its name, this gorgeous perfume makes a great everyday scent that you can wear all year round. It’s sweet, cheery, and bright yet inoffensive; truly an easy scent to fall in love with. 
  4. Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston - a lover of the sea, Jennifer Aniston did an amazing job of capturing the scent of the ocean and the memories that come with it in this bottle. This perfume is a refreshing break from the usual fruity and floral celebrity perfume scents that anyone can appreciate. 
  5. Fame by Lady Gaga - it’s always a good sign when celebrities work hard to make sure their fragrances don’t just smell good but look good as well. Lady Gaga’s Fame is one of the more unique women’s perfumes in many ways.  This oriental scent is warm and rich and the black fluid adds a nice touch.

Tips When Choosing Celebrity Fragrances 

Celebrity perfumes, especially the ones for women, can be pretty hit or miss. Here are some tips that might be able to help you when choosing one. 

  1. Don’t judge a perfume by its bottle - never buy perfumes, whether it’s by celebrities or not, just because the bottle is cute and you think it would look good on your dresser. Always make sure to check out the scent in person, if possible, or at least look for reviews from your friends or online.. 
  2. Don’t judge a perfume by the celebrity who launched it - some of the best celebrity perfumes come from controversial stars. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t like the perfume they came out with. The same could be said for celebs you like. You may not always like what fragrance they’ll release so hold off on buying a bottle before you actually know what it smells like. 

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5 Celebrity Scents That Are Actually Worth The Splurg