5 Important Things To Look For In A Hair Dryer

Nasib Shah

Posted on November 28 2020

5 Important Things To Look For In A Hair Dryer


Choosing a hair styling tool isn’t as easy as it seems. If you think you just need to find the most popular one, the most highly recommended one, or the most expensive one to get the best, you’re wrong. Finding the best hair dryer depends on many things, but mainly on your hair type. If you’re ready to make an investment and you’re ready to give your hair the best at-home blow out, read on.

Here are the 5 most important things you need to look for when buying a hair dryer:

Multiple heat settings

Having multiple heat settings on your hair dryer allows you to have more control over how much heat is applied to your hair. At least two (high and low) would be ideal instead of just on and off. Having multiple speed settings and a cool shot button like the one in this Avanti Free Play Ceramic Hairdryer is a bonus, too, as it helps your blow out last longer. 

Tourmaline coating

Many people think that tourmaline is just another buzzword that marketing people use as a license to charge higher for the same old ordinary hairdryer. However, you should know that there’s so much more to tourmaline than just being a buzzword. A tourmaline coating on your hair dryer can help minimize frizz which is something that women of all hair types want. Check out the Babyliss TT Toumaline Titanium travel dryer for a budget-friendly option. 

Good wattage

Not sure how to choose your hair dryer according to wattage? A good rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the wattage, the more powerful your hair dryer will be. If you’re the type who’s always rushing to get fixed up in the morning, a higher wattage dryer like the Babyliss Volare V1 Professional Luxury Dryer would be a good choice. Otherwise, something with an average wattage rating like the CHI Touch Screen Hair Dryer should do. 

Your preferred weight and design

You’ll be using your hair dryer on most days so making sure that it’s not too heavy and that it’s not too hard to handle means a lot for your hands and your arms. Try to get a good feel of the hair dryer before buying whenever possible. You don’t your blowdrying sesh in the morning to feel like a workout. 

Necessary attachments

Depending on what hair type you have, you will need attachments to get the most out of your hair dryer. If you have curly hair, you’ll want to make sure your unit comes with a diffuser like this one from Elchim. Love doing at-home blowouts? Look for a unit that comes with a concentrator!

These things are often overlooked so be sure not to make that mistake when you buy a hair dryer to use at home.

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5 Important Things To Look For In A Hair Dryer