5 Men’s Deodorants to Try For All Day Freshness

Nasib Shah

Posted on January 30 2021

5 Men’s Deodorants to Try For All Day Freshness


One of the few bath and hygiene products that a lot of men do actually care about in choosing and using is the deodorant. No one wants to feel sticky and smell icky, especially after a long day of being out and about or being under the sun, right? While the supermarket classics are good, a lot of them can be too strong or too overpowering. There’s also the issue of not finding anything that works with your body chemistry. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options that you can consider on top of what’s on your grocery shelves.

Here are 5 men’s deodorants that you can try for that all-day feeling of freshness

Brut Classic Deodorant

This men’s cologne deodorant is a classic “man scent” that’s hard to not love. Brut Classic Deodorant is perfect for those who want something manly but light and not too overpowering on the nose, yet somehow still gives you that nice, fresh, “just got out of the shower” kind of smell and feeling. 

Valentino Uomo Deodorant Stick

Looking for an alcohol-free alternative to your current deodorant? You might want to give this alcohol-free deodorant stick by Valentino a try. It’s from the Uomo fragrance line so it’s great if you’re already using that perfume to start with as it adds a nice layer that will help your scent stick longer. Uomo has a gorgeous leather-y scent that’s irresistible for everyone. 

Hugo Boss Deodorant Stick

Hugo Boss is a popular fragrance for men. It’s an aromatic green fragrance that’s perfect for every day as it’s not too bold or too overpowering. This deodorant stick is the perfect layer of fragrance to add to your routine if you’re using the same scent as your perfume, too. 

Paco Rabanne Invictus

A lot of people dislike Paco Rabanne Invitus as an everyday fragrance because it tends to come off as too strong and too synthetic. It has a bit of a reputation as a scent that people would “love to wear as anything other than a perfume” and this deodorant stick might just be the answer to that dilemma. It’s a woodsy aquatic scent that just works so well as a deodorant. 

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Deodorant Stick

Last on this list, but definitely not least, is Ralph Lauren Polo Blue in deodorant stick form. Ralph Lauren may not be known as a men’s deodorant brand but it is a well-known men’s perfume brand and they do deodorants surprisingly well. Case in point: the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue deodorant stick. 

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5 Men’s Deodorants to Try For All Day Freshness