Choosing A Deodorant That Your Man Will Love

Nasib Shah

Posted on August 31 2020

Choosing A Deodorant That Your Man Will Love


To a woman who spends an entire hour contemplating on which item to buy, a guy may not seem very picky about the products he uses for his body. For example, a man will often go into a store looking for shaving cream and come out five minutes later carrying just that. They often just scan an aisle and pick whatever catches their attention first, pay for it, then walk out.

If you don’t like your boyfriend’s or your husband’s current deodorant of choice, you’re in luck because they probably won’t even notice that you’ve switched things up until you tell them about it. 

How to Choose a Deodorant That Your Guy Will Like?

What makes a good deodorant and how do you make sure your boyfriend or your husband will love what you choose? Here are some tips: 

  1. Consider his lifestyle - when it comes to deodorant, it can never be a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Every man’s body and skin chemistry is different. Does he stay in an airconditioned office all day and just wants to smell fresh from morning ‘til night? A perfumed deodorant might be a good fit for him. Some men’s deodorant brands are from known fragrance houses as well so you might want to check if the perfume your man is using has a deodorant counterpart. A few good examples of these would be the Calvin Klein CK One deodorant stick, the Acqua di Gio deodorant stick by GIorgio Armani, and the Polo Black deodorant stick by Ralph Lauren. These men's cologne deodorant products are great for layering scents to make sure they last longer on the skin. If your man has a problem with sweating, a deodorant with antiperspirant properties might do the trick. 
  2. Consider the scents he likes - just like women’s fragrances and body care products, men’s scents come from different perfume families, too. Some of the most popular scents among guys include woody, fresh, and musky smells so try to look for a deodorant from these fragrance families. 
  3. Consider his budget - unless you pledge to buy his deodorant for him every single time it runs out, your boyfriend/husband’s budget is another important thing to consider when choosing a product for him. You wouldn’t want him to be bummed out when he finds out that $45 Jean Paul Gaultier deo spray you got him is way out of his regular budget. 

Types of Deodorants 

Learn about the different types of deodorants you’ll find in stores and see which one you think your boyfriend or husband will like. 

  1. Stick deodorant - for guys who hate the feeling of having wet pits, stick deodorants are sure to be a hit. These apply smoothly along the natural contours of the underarms and they go on dry instead of wet like the traditional deodorants. 
  2. Roll-on deodorant - uncomfortable as they may be for some, roll-on deos do have a few advantages over other types of deodorants. The main one would be its ability to distribute more products evenly onto the skin. If your boyfriend has an issue with his pits and he needs to make sure the deo works well to help him deal with his issues, this might be a good option. 
  3. Deodorant spray - for those who want something that’s quick, easy, and effective, a deo spray is a great option. These are also less likely to clog the pores on your underarms so they’re great if your boyfriend or husband is struggling with clogged pit pores. 
  4. Crystal deodorant - this is not a very common type of deodorant that men would often choose. However, this type of deodorant is rising in popularity because they have proven to be quite beneficial to those with sensitive skin. 

Should you buy your boyfriend or your husband’s deodorant for him? That would depend on how comfortable you are with each other and making decisions for one another. Ask him if it’s something that he wouldn’t mind before buying one so he doesn’t get the wrong idea when you hand a bottle of deo over to him. 

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