Debunking Popular Conditioner Myths

Nasib Shah

Posted on October 02 2020

Debunking Popular Conditioner Myths


Using a hair conditioner after you shampoo your hair can be really beneficial to it. However, there’s still a lot of confusion as to how, when, how often and how much conditioner should be used every time you’re in the shower. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths surrounding the use of conditioners and debunk them one by one! 

Myth #1: All conditioners are the same

Fact: While it’s true that one of the main benefits of using conditioners is to get smooth and tangle-free hair, there’s so much more to this amazing hair product than just being a hair “softener.” There are many different types of conditioners. The Joico Defy Damage Protective Conditioner, for example, is a conditioner that smoothens your hair while, at the same time, also protects it from damage caused by heat and chemicals. There are also conditioners that help volumizemoisturize, and repair your hair. 

Myth #2: Conditioner weighs down your hair 

Fact: Conditioners are often rich and thick in consistency. However, this does not automatically mean that they will weigh down your hair when you use them. You just have to make sure you’re not using too much and that you’re rinsing your hair off properly. “How much conditioner should I use?” you ask. That depends on your hair type, hair length, and the thickness of your hair. A good rule of thumb to remember when using conditioners is to use enough to cover all of your hair. You could also try looking for lightweight conditioners like this

Myth #3: Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair ONLY

Fact: Applying conditioner to the ends of your hair alone will help with making it smoother and easier to detangle. However, if you want your hair to reap all the benefits that your conditioner has to offer, you’ll want to apply it all over your hair. Whether you’re using natural conditioner or store-bought ones, it’s always better to coat your hair all over rather than just doing the ends. 

Myth #4: Not rinsing conditioner off makes it work better 

Fact: Regular conditioner is meant to be rinsed off before you step out of the shower. Failure to rinse your conditioner off of your hair properly can lead to issues like flaking/dandruff, greasy hair, and bacne. However, you can use leave-in conditioners like this one from Paul Mitchell and not worry about rinsing it off until the next day. These leave-in conditioners actually work amazingly well when left on your hair overnight as it gives the nutrients in the conditioners more time to work their magic on your tresses, resulting in softer and healthier hair. 

Using the right shampoo & conditioner combo can make a huge difference on your hair. Take your time in figuring out which formulation works best for you, but be sure to give your hair enough time in-between to rest and recover before moving on to a new product or a new combo.

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