Finding Your Signature Scent: What's The Best Perfume for Women?

Nasib Shah

Posted on August 14 2020

Finding Your Signature Scent: What's The Best Perfume for Women?

Finding a perfume that you can call your signature scent is not easy. As a woman, you’ve probably tried your fair share of fragrances, from body mists and colognes to EDTs and EDPs, and have found a few that you’ve liked as well as some that you swore off. With thousands of perfume brands and variants out in the market, it’s easy to get confused.

How do you find your signature scent? 

Here are some tips to help you get started on your mission to find the best perfume for women like you. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different scent families - there are at least 4 major scent families and knowing which ones you like and which ones you don’t like will help narrow down your choices. 
  2. Understand body chemistry - body chemistry has everything to do with finding your signature scent. You could use the same perfume as someone else and still have it smell different on you because of body chemistry. It’s also perfumes like Sisley’s Soir de Lune to some are bliss while to others bug spray. 
  3. Don’t try too many scents at a time - spraying on too many perfumes at once will only confuse you. Limit yourself to trying only two to three scents at a time and make sure not to spray them too close together.
  4. Let it sit on your skin - when trying new perfumes, don’t rely solely on how it smells the first time you smell it. Most perfume brands for women combine light and heavy notes to create unique scents. The lighter notes will eventually dissipate and the heavier notes that remain could change its scent. To get a good idea of how it would really smell on your skin, leave it on for at least 15 to 30 minutes and let it develop. 
  5. See what’s popular - many people think that a signature scent has to be some kind of exotic scent that only they are using. That’s not true at all. Don’t be afraid to try the top fragrances for women you’ve seen recommended online and in magazines. They’re popular for a reason and, because of body chemistry, they won’t always smell the same on everyone. As a bonus, you’ll often find these mainstream scents included in the women’s perfume sale of your favorite stores. 

The Best Perfume For Women From Every Scent Family

Floral - best for those who want something girly and innocent, floral scents are one of the best scent families to explore if you’re looking for something to represent your feminine charm.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - light, fresh and floral, this perfume from world-renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs is the perfect daytime floral scent. 

Oriental - oriental scents are sexy and sophisticated. They’re full of rich, spicy, and powdery notes that are perfect for nighttime use. 

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudrée  - this lavish scent is elegant, sensual, and magnetic. It gives you a warm, luxurious feeling that’s just dynamic. 

Woody - woody scents are warm and earthy. They’re one of the stronger scent families and they’re often referred to as mature scents, though there are lots of perfume brands for women that create woody scents that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Christian Dior Dune Pour Femme - this is one of the most popular woody perfumes for women. It’s rich and warm, but not overwhelmingly so which makes it a favorite among ladies. 

Fresh - the last of the 4 main fragrance families, fresh scents are great for those who want to achieve that “just stepped out of the shower” smell all day long. They’re also one of the safest scents to experiment with since they’re not too heavy or too strong. 

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraiche - this Acqua di Gioia flanker has been dubbed as a lighter and fresher version of the original. It’s refreshing which makes it a great summer scent. 

Remember that finding your signature scent takes time. What some consider to be the best perfume for women may not always be something that you’ll like so feel free to explore the world of scents on your own accord. 

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Finding Your Signature Scent: What's The Best Perfume for Women?