Hair Smoothing Tips and Tricks for Women

Nasib Shah

Posted on November 21 2020

Hair Smoothing Tips and Tricks for Women


Hair smoothing, or smoothening as others like to call it, is a hair procedure that’s done to make your hair look shinier and feel smoother. This is especially useful for girls with textured hair, be it wavy or full on curls. 

Getting your hair smoothened at a salon can set you back a few hundred bucks and, while it’s definitely worth it since the effect stays for a while, it’s no secret that money can be pretty tight these days and paying over $100 to have your hair smoothened for that one day you really need it (like your wedding or another important event), can be too much. 

Thankfully, you can always do your own hair smoothing at home. You just need to have the right products and tools.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Hair Mask
  • Smoothing Shampoo 
  • Smoothing Conditioner 
  • Smoothing Serum 
  • Hair Iron 

Here are details how to do it:

  1. Start by washing your hair with a smoothing shampoo. The best hair smoothing products always contain keratin so try to look for something with keratin like the Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo. Use this regularly and not just on days when you plan on doing your own DIY hair smoothing session. Make sure to rinse well to avoid product build-up on your scalp. 
  2. Next, wring your hair out gently to get all the excess water out and start applying a generous amount of hair mask to your locks. The L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Mask for Thick Hair does wonders if your hair tends to get stubborn at times. 
  3. Finish off with a smoothing conditioner. Just as with shampoos, the best smoothing conditioners are the ones with keratin. If you’ve decided to use the shampoo we recommended above, you can follow up with the corresponding conditioner here
  4. Next, dry your hair. You can blow dry it using your dryer’s lowest setting (so as not to damage it) or let it air dry while you get other things done. 
  5. Take some hair smoothing serum and apply it to your hair, starting from the top the very tips. Give your scalp a bit of massage while you’re at it! If you’re looking for the best hair smoothing serum, try the Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth Intensive Taming Serum. This one works on even the most unruly types of hair like magic. It’s seriously one of the best smoothing serum you’ll ever try.
  6. Take your straightening iron and start ironing your hair like you normally would. Make sure not to use too much heat so you don’t damage your hair! Finish it off with a smoothing spray like the Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum

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Hair Smoothing Tips and Tricks for Women