Lotion Vs. Cream: What’s The Difference?

Nasib Shah

Posted on February 08 2021

Lotion Vs. Cream: What’s The Difference?


Moisturizing is a serious business and one that you should never skip if you want soft and healthy skin. Many people think that all skin moisturizing products are the same, but they’re really not. Two of the most common products that people are often confused about our lotion and cream. 

Are they really different from each other? If they are, what makes them different? And, should you use both or just pick one? 

Read on if you want to find out the answer to these questions. 

The difference between lotions and creams

In general, the main difference between lotions and creams is thickness. Lotions are lighter since they have a higher water content while creams are known to be thicker and richer since they have a more concentrated formula with less water and more oil which is why they often feel heavier and greasier. 

In terms of use, both are great for adding moisture back to your skin. Because they feel lighter on the skin, people often prefer to use a lotion during the daytime. At night, when you’re at home and ready to hit the hay, you can switch to using a cream since its heavier and thicker formula will penetrate the skin deeper. 

Should you use both lotion and cream? 

The short answer is yes. To explain and clarify it further, however, you shouldn’t be using both at the same time, lest your pores are clogged and you have a breakout. As mentioned earlier, it would be great to use a light lotion like the Moschino Couture Body Lotion to keep your skin moisturized (and smelling good!) during the day and something a little heavier at night like the Oscar De La Renta Body Cream which is super moisturizing and super decadent. 

A note on choosing lotions and creams 

Not all lotions and creams are for general use. Many are also formulated to address specific skin concerns. Perfume body creams like the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Body Cream, for example, are not just for moisturization but for prolonging the scent of their perfume counterpart as well. So, if you use a certain perfume, you can check if the same scent also comes in perfumed body cream form to help make it last longer on your skin. There are also perfumed body lotions if you’re looking for something lighter.

There are also lotions that are meant to white the skin or give you a deeper tan. Some lotions and creams have exfoliating agents added to the mix while others are made for extra deep moisturization. In-shower lotions are a thing that women love, too, and it’s perfect if you’re the type who doesn’t light the sticky feeling that often comes with using lotions and creams. 

Try out these different types of lotions and creams to see which one works best for you.

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Lotion Vs. Cream: What’s The Difference?