What Are Perfumed Body Creams For?

Nasib Shah

Posted on October 30 2020

What Are Perfumed Body Creams For?


Have you ever wondered why some perfumes come in sets with matching shower gels, lotions, and body creams? Is it just another way for the brand to milk a well-loved scent? Or is it especially intended to be given as a gift so they made more items to create the perfect present? 

Truth be told, these items are actually quite helpful in preserving the scent on your skin and making it last longer. It also helps increase sillage which is great if your favorite perfume has a rather soft and subtle scent. Take Giorgio Armani’s Si perfume, for example. On its own, it’s a gorgeous scent but it tends to wear off quite quickly. When layered with the Giorgio Armani Si body cream, however, you’ll find that the scent lasts longer and the smell becomes a little bolder. 

If you could only get one other thing along with your favorite perfume, get the matching body cream. Perfumed body creams are great for layering scents and they’re amazing at moisturizing dry skin, too, because of their rich and thick consistency. 

How to Make The Most Out of Perfumed Body Creams

Perfumed body creams can be pretty expensive, especially if the perfume that it’s based on is well-loved and popular. So, how do you make the most out of them? Read our tips below. 

  1. Use it along with the perfume - layering scents using different kinds of products is one of the best ways to get optimal sillage and longevity. If you don’t want to run out of your favorite perfume or body cream quickly, use a bit of both together instead of relying on just one product at a time. 
  2. Don’t apply it on parts that sweat excessively - unlike some perfumes that thrive on pulse points and come out smelling better when it comes in contact with sweat, body creams last better and longer when applied to dry areas or areas that don’t sweat as much. 
  3. Body cream then perfume, in that order - spraying perfume on before applying the matching body cream won’t do much. You should know by now not to rub your skin after applying perfume, lest you break down the chemicals and stop it from fully developing into the scent that it’s supposed to be. For best results, apply body cream first, rub it all over, spray your perfume on and let it develop on your skin. 

When bought as a pair or in a set, you might be able to get a better deal on your favorite perfume and cream. If you feel like your favorite scent doesn’t as long as you’d like it to, why not try layering it with a matching perfumed body cream?

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