Wanted eau de toilette spray




Azzaro Wanted is an audacious and flamboyant fragrance. A woody, citrus and spicey Eau de Toilette with a fresh, sensual and captivating masculinity. Three of the main ingredients (Guatemalan cardamom, Haitian vetiver and Brazilian tonka bean) are from sustainable sources. It is a radiant, addictive and irresistible fragrance. This vibrant and explosive, spicy-woody-citrus fragrance is created by the perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin, for Firmenich.

The story of Azzaro Wanted is the story of a Wanted man. He is a hedonist and a rebel, all eyes are on him. He takes chances, trusts his insticts and lives life as he pleases. He is charismatic, talented and radiant, desired by women, envied by men. Free-spirited, he lives life on his own terms, follows his instincts and changes the rules of the game everyday. He boldly takes chances with complete confidence and dares to change his destiny to get whatever he desires.

The Azzaro Wanted bottle has been designed to be a unique collector’s item. Elegant and precious, with a stunning rugged, mechanical look, it is a symbol of freedom and virility. An embodiment of extreme masculinity tinged with the nostalgia of childhood, the bottle’s barrel-like cylindrical shape evokes games of love and chance and was created to be “the ultimate weapon of seduction” for its wearer. The elegant metal cap reveals the radiant fragrance inside.