Is it safe to order online?
We take internet security very seriously and make every effort possible to insure your credit card information and identity are protected. We use 256-bit encryption through SSL servers using GoDaddy Secure & PayPal Certificates. Once your transaction is complete we do not store your credit card number anywhere, further protecting you. We never share your personal information with any third party.
How do I update my customer information?
To update your customer information, login to your account. Click on “My Account” to get into the information page and make the required changes.
How can I add, modify or cancel my existing order?
Before you place your order, you can review all of your order’s information including product sizes and quantities, contact information, total and billing and shipping information. Please check the information carefully before placing the order. To cancel your order, you must contact our customer service along with the details of the order made. To get our contact details, please refer the “Contact Us” page of our website.
How is it that Parfumerie Éternelle’s prices are so much lower than department stores?
We buy in wholesale and we import our products direct ourselves.
What is the difference between Pure Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne?
The differences are simply a matter of the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. The highest concentration is in pure perfume (or parfum). Next would be Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne. Some manufacturers make a solid perfume, solid perfume is as strong as a pure perfume however it is in a gel-like consistency. Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne are generally interchangeable, especially in Men’s fragrances. After Shave has the least amount of oils. The higher the concentration the longer your fragrance will last, and the less you need to apply.
What is the difference between a splash and a spray?
There is absolutely no difference in the fragrance. The difference is in the application only. However, a spray bottle, being ostensibly sealed all the time, may actually have a longer shelf life. Making the decision between spray and splash is entirely a matter of personal preference.
Why do some fragrances seem to last much longer than others?
People with dry skin usually find their fragrance holding time shorter than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance. PH levels (amount of acidity in our skin) also varies slightly from person to person. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in a fragrance will react.
How can I keep my fragrance from going bad?
Keep all fragrances in a cool, dry area, and away from windows as sunlight can unbalance the various ingredients. An opened bottle should be kept in its box to insure a longer shelf life.