Royal-Oud eau de parfum spray


Wood, leather, marble and gold — these are the elements of a royal Persian palace and the inspiration behind the architecture of master perfumer Olivier Creed’s fragrance, Royal Oud Eau de Parfum. Rare, hypnotic, sumptuous Oud, an ingredient coaxed from Indian Agarwood trees — rivaling in cost the most expensive raw materials of the world — lends its power to the men and women who prize it. An instant favourite amongst today’s royals and heads of state, Royal Oud’s universal blend bottles the splendor of palace life — Persian and Parisian.


Calabrian Lemon, Pink Berry and Sicilian Bergamot, Cedar, Galbanum and Angelic Root, Regal Indian Oud, Sandalwood and Tonkin Musk.


Woody. Oriental. Rich